Freelance Web Developer

I specialise in dynamic PHP web sites and web applications with over nine years experience developing with OO PHP, MVC and PHP Frameworks.

Recent work includes:

Cigna Insurance - Bournemouth

PHP web developer utilising Slim PHP framework and Smarty PHP template engine to build MVC framework bespoke web applications and add new functionality to existing applications.

RLA - Bournemouth, England

PHP web developer working on bespoke CMS using Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery and Ajax. Reverse engineering legacy PHP to update and add new functionality to CMS, with a strong emphasis on PHP security.

UNHCR - Geneva, Switzerland

The UNHCR required a PHP Security Audit of one of their web sites. I conducted a PHPSecurity Audit and corrected any vuneralbilities protecting against XXS, SQL Injection, Session Hijacking, file uploads and checking php.ini settings.

Transition Helston - Cornwall, England

On-line food guide for Transition Helston to help the public find locally produced food and where they can buy it.

I built the web site using a bespoke CMS with plug-ins to manage the food administration and to display a searchable Google Map with pop-ups containing details of each food outlet.

Xperedon - Geneva, Switzerland

I helped Xperedon to build functionality into a prototype web site, which revolutionises giving to charities channelling all of an account holders giving to charity in one portal.